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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 posted at 18:13 ♥

another survey.

A is for age
●● +20
B is for beer
●● what beer? hehe
C is for what you can't wait for right now
●● me in 5 years from now.
D is for your dog's name:
●● no dogs :)
E is for the essential item you use everyday
●● my handset n my laptop.
F is for your favorite TV show at the moment:
●● the prince who turns into frog! ;)
G is for your favorite game:
●● dun hv any favorite game i guess.. but used to addicted wif 'dinner dash 1,2,3..' ;p
H is for hometown:
●● Ranau, Sabah.
I is for instruments you play:
●● guitar.. petik2 je cuz we hv one at home. haha.
J is your favorite juice:
●● watermelon or apple :)
K is for who's butt you'd like to kick
●● urm. no one.
L is for the last food you ate:
●● ayam bakar. mom bought it from the pasar malam.
M is for marriage:
●● something precious.
N is for your name:
●● HF, Nana, Fina, Falina,..
O is for your evernight hospital stay:
●● uhmm, none so far.
P is for the people you can't live without as of today:
●● my family. definitey.
Q is for quote:
●● 'even the heart has boundaries'..
R is for biggest regret:
●● not doing what i should do, n done anything that i shouldn't done. surely milions of regrets.
S is for school:
●● done :p
T is for the time you woke up today:
●● 6am.
U is for the color of pj's you have on now:
●● i'm on t-shirt now.
V is for vegetable you love:
●● all kind of it.
W is for worst habit
●● easy on letting go things, n when i come to say something that i don't really mean..
X is for the # of xrays you've had:
●● every time that requires for medical
Y is for the yummy food you ate today
●● toasted chicken.
Z is for your zodiac sign:
●● sagittarius.



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