June 16, 2008

express updates.

my young bro coming back from Sarawak today.

stat dari pagi tu mkn nasi lemak, then sekeping kuih ubi, then mee goreng, then nasi campur sikit, mee sup, then kuih lagi, dan malamnya makan KFC. hari ini dalam sejarah - overloaded stomach!

moy mesej memberitahuku.
yang dia sudah melahirkan anak. anak lelaki. Mohd Hezriq Jumadil. congratulation Moy.. huhu ^^

Someone smsed me. 3 different times.. saying that he's missing me..
and he called me at 2.oo am, when i already slept but wake up because his call. erm.. it's hard to find someone that can remember u during the late at night, i must be one of his special one. but i'm sorry so much...
it touched my heart somehow..

wanna go sleep lah.

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