June 27, 2008

mom said that today it gonna be the last day she needed me to help her at canteen. happy. but lil bit starting to miss it all. hehe..

today at canteen. i overcooked the oil, bile masuk dapur tengok, api da masuk dalam periok kecil tu. oh my God! but since i already have plenty of experience like this before (hahaha), saya dengan muke sardinnye mencapai pemegang periuk tu dan membawanya ke sinki tapi kerana panas, saya terhumban periuk tu masuk (the other teacher said that she's already about to run when hearing bunyi periuk yang terhumban tu). air paip yang sudah sedia terpasang sedikit (paip bocor) mengalir masuk ke dalam. and..

i don't have the chance to capture it with my phone camera, but i already capture it through my eyes. every single moment. the way the small fire drastically turns big after the hot oil meets the cold water, the way my aunt and cikgu awang run to reach me (they know i was at the kitchen at that time), how their panic face look like once they come over (wow, my aunt and cikgu awang really cares on me) but turns a bit normal seeing i'm standing near to the sinki with little smile (plus grinning) on my face, trying to tell them that nothing serious happenning and i'm okay. huhu..

i found it funny.. :p

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