June 29, 2008



as i told u last night, today i went to Kota Kinabalu. with ayah and kili.
after visiting Dana at SMASH (Allah.. menguji kesabaran betul-lah budak tu), we head to BTC, B..(something) Textile Center. help those men (Ayah, Kili, Adi and Pipie) pilih kain untuk kain raya. Kili wanna take that maroon one but hey. not a chance. ayah also want to pick up the cream one, but there were me, acting like such a mom!

amanah mama ye, mama tak dpt dtg skali sbb ada hal lain. so it's my job assuring we're not out of theme. hehe..

kemudian ke Centre Point, ayah gave me RM400. for external hardisk (i bought RM203, for 120gb - is it worth enuf? cuz i really was in a hurry, tak smpat g compare2 harga and i needdddddd that thing), buy KFC for Dana, and buy some 'other' thing at Eaton's and kedai berhampiran, dan balik Ranau. singgah Dana jap kat sekolah dia. i wished to buy pendrive (NOT kingston. serik.) but i think i'll wait till the PC Fair at UUM. and, and, maybe i'll give my dad my digicam BenQ, then i'll buy a new one during PC Fair. and.. what else ek. hehe.

erm. gara-gara petang semalam, kedua-dua kaki ini terasa begitu lenguh. lenguh yang amat. kaki ni terasa sakit sangat lebih-lebih lagi bila turun tangga.

last night was fine. RTM pinjam majlis hari Bapa untuk penggambaran. okay, for your information, it is a 45 minutes tv show, scheduled untuk disiarkan pada raya kedua tahun ini di RTM1. saya difahamkan penggambaran itu adalah untuk memperkenalkan suasana raya di perkampungan negeri Sabah. i don't know if it is wholely in my kampung only, or there is any other village(s) going to be in that tv show.

guess what? four of my little dancers were in that nasyid group that night. Pian, Beten, Raihanah, and Nadirah. gorgeous.. but their performance (two days practising only) was totally horrible . Never mind. one thing i found out. Raihanah was really singing! selama saya jadi cikgu tarian dia dua tahun ni, saya rasa saya belum pernah dengar dia menyanyi.. well, not as loud as my young sist. dana always a bathroom singer and sing as if there's no one hearing she's singing.

ops.. i really have to go now, giving myself some early rest. these two days been kinda hectic for me (and ya, brought both of my legs lots of muscle pain too )

rase mcm nak demam je..

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