June 12, 2008

i'm blessed!
the fiest is postponing to.. erm,.. [supposed also in this month..]

tentang jari kaki ni, i was juz realised when i step in the car and look down at my leg, i saw my jari kaki look weird somehow. i pull it closer to me and realised something is wrong. i was juz about to freak out when my mom (she's there) say its nothing. hey it do looks scary to me. terdapat darah beku di dalam and seems like the blood come flowing from the bone. ohhh..

my mom laughed. am i that childish freaking out for that thing? haha.

My aunt, Aunt Sepiah, my mom's older sister, promised to cook me a kind of masakan kampung like she brought today. i've tasted it, and not bad! i'm not going to refuse it if she willing to cook it for me sometimes. hehehe.. she sighed. her two child is not into masakan kampung that look weird n unusual. no one to cook for. yeah, here i am! hoho.. the big appetiter!

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