June 16, 2008

with Armin.. end of 2006.


There was a stranger. sitting beside me in the bus. friendly, kind and caring. Humorous, fun, secure and true. with the honest eyes.

yes that's him.

we've become friends and that's where it begins..


Special, accepting, exciting and wise
Truthful and helpful
Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright
loyal and understanding
You're one of a kind, different from others
Generous, charming..
Optimistic and thoughtful
Yes, it's you..


I come to knew about your dreams
Because we used to talk
For hours at a time.

about your friendship
Because you were always there
When I needed your comfort.

about your pain
Because you trusted me enough
To share your past with me.

about your fears
Because you helped me
To see that mine were the same.

about what was important to you
Because you were always
So honest with me.

about your goals
Because I felt the enthusiasm
In your words when you talked of them.

about your guidance
Because you patiently explained
The things I didn't understand.

I knew your heart
Because I saw right into it
And felt it a part of my own


we were too close
they always say that,
we match each other..
we always look sweet together..
and that,
that LOVE is ours..

then there's a time
when i looked at him,
And a smile grows in my face.
Just to remember the times,
if he was really mine,
just what all people thought we are..

As i see his smile,
I remember how innocent i was
to think about what I would've gave
To only have a chance to be with him.


Softly as a gentle breeze,
Love crept into my heart
So softly I did not realize
Until we came to part.
it was then that feeling so suddenly
Grew claws, and without warning
for how dearly i miss you..

So stunned was I by this attack,
but I did not cry out "stay! "
And, at my silence,
You turned and walked away.
I never knew,
until you left,
How much you'd meant to me
And now you're gone
I guess,
Our love was never meant to be.


life has taken you to another part,
it's your memory here i hold dearly,
and i still remember,
All the days we laughed and talked,
Of deepest thoughts and untold truths,
Stay on my mind as I think of you.
Your life has taken a new turn.
far away.
Bridges not yet crossed are even burned between us.
As you treat your path anew,
I sit on your heart as a friend,
Like a whisper kiss of morning's dew.

Eventhough you're already gone in my life,
You'll remain.
Here in my heart.
As I think of your words,
Your thoughts and your voice,
I wanted to tell you to hold yourself high,
never forgetting the ground.
You still deserve the best thing in this world,
Despite all you may have done.
We have all sinned, dear..
We have all tested,
So come up as a wiser person from it.


thanks for ever letting me know whenever you missed me.
for all the joy you brought to my life.
for always willing to lend me your hand even i always choose not to.
for your unconditionally care to me.
for seeing the best in me.
for not going anywhere during my hardest time when i ignored you.
for accepting just who i am, and telling me i'm beautiful even without make-up.

but for making me realized
that now i've lost the most precious friendship
i ever had in my life,
forgive me..
for taking you for granted,
i'm sorry, and thanks for everything.

His friendship means the world to me,
Although we never had much anything else.
Although i had only little of time to be with him.
Now I see why God doesn't answer all prayers,
Because some things are left,
better untouched.


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