May 07, 2008

i took this pic today. my latest pic. sweet me. and gediks me.

Alawa no mala kopioh iti sumandak..! (in english means, this girl is beautiful) ..wakaka..

oya.. i wanna show u this :

its my left hand.

i use it mostly on my daily routine. and ouch. it hurts at the ankle. i dunno how, tp mungkin sebab angkat brg2 berat tempoh hari.

let us see the rings. The silver one is really silver. it worth rm26 (i know the price since i bought it for myself. haha).. started wearing it since sept or oct or nov 2006. quite a long time.

and the gold one is also the real gold. i dunno exactly how much the price is but i've been told that it worth rm200 n above, quite a big number for me. but its not a big deal.

it was just..
it's old fashioned n i don't like wearing gold but ironically, i'm wearing it now.


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  1. Wo!
    Saje mau tinggalkan bekas kat sini.

    Ape barang pakai cincin emas! Pakai gigi emas la, ade berani?

    ha ha. cHreT!!

  2. From Bajau's words

    Alawa sap randa heh'ek.......

    p/s: saya tidak jujur hahahaah

  3. si kachak, gigi emas apa barang.. tak main ah emas-emas neh. ahahha (pelik je rasa)

    lead, terima kasih kerana anda telah melakukan kejujuran di sini.