May 26, 2008

Name 12 people that you could think of right now.

i'm listing up those i remembered today :)

.1- Membe2 kat UUM
.2- Ziela
.3- Amoy
.4- Pipie.. (huh..)
.5- Ayah
.6- Abg
.7- Fuad
.8- Izzam
.9- Asrol (i sent him belated birthday wish)
.10- Aspariah (late birthday wish)
.11- Jasminah (late birthday wish too)
.12- Kili
1 Are you into number 10?
~ i like that sweet girl. panggil die AS. ex-schoomate time sklh mngah dulu dan ada yang usik die dgn panggilan Asparagus or Aspariah Rai (dr name aishwarya rai) and now bie terdengar lagu Aspalela tu pun teringat kat die. amat sesuai nynyi lagu hindi, cuz sore die yg kecik tp amat sedap di dengar. aku ske dgr die membebel, n slalu suh die nynyi lgu hindi. haha. skrg ni jrg dah le contact..
2 Do you hate number 9?
~ Asrol? he's a gud n very2 a sweeeeeeet guy. working at kuching as a policeman. he appreciate friendships a lot, n there's so many times he told me how he missed the gud old days back to our zaman sekolah mngah. hehe. i dont hv reason for hating him ..

3 When was the last time you chat with number 11?
~ one of the nicest friend. spent 4 years studying in the same class. last talk with her, a year ago i guess.. miss her.. :(
4 Do you hate number 2?
~ how come i hate her. my beshpren lor :)

5 Is number 8 your bf/gf?
~ i juz know him a month ago. he's 22, asal penang, blm prnah bercinta and really passionate in everything about car. pertama kali nmpak budak ni, mmg lama juga mata lekat kat muke die. really gud looking, kerjaya da ade, senyuman manis yang bisa wat pompuan cair, mata redup.. jd mcm tak caye die ni tak pernah kapel. die leh je gune kelebihan die tu utk carik ramai awek tp byk2 awek dlm dunia ni, kereta juga yang die paling minat. dan sdikit manja orgnya. hehe.. okay we're juz fren. izam, if u reading this, hope u find one soon, smpai bile nak berbini ngan keter. hakhak~
6 How is number 1 related to you?
~ Member2 kat UUM. Chu, Niza, n Fiza. gud luck for ur intersession guys! :)
7 Have you ever kissed number 4?
~ Nope.
8 What was the last thing that number 3 said to you?
~ i dun remember.. but the last thing she told me about after her marriage was that she's pregnant, due by end of this year! cant wait!
9 Are you in love with number 7?
~ Fuad? ermm.. nope for now. but i like him. gud friend from kulim.
10 Are number 2 and 4 currently together?
~ my bestfriend and my ex? they dun really get along with each other. hehe
11 Did you talk to number 6 today?
~ talk to him everyday, hehe.
12 Have you ever lied to number 5?
~ isn't it is too gud to b true if i say 'never'?
13 When was the last time you went out with number 12?
~ when we having our sem break togthr.

14 What is number 7 favourite colour?
~ urm? i'd never asked him i guess.. :p
15 What is the thing you like the most about number 1?
~ their friendship.. the trials n triangals.. hehe

16 How did you meet number 10?
~ studied at the same school.. become closer when i move in to hostel :)
17 What's so special about number 6?
~ his smile, the way he handle me during my worse, pendengar yg baik, never care about my past dan sntiasa bleh duduk berbincang :)
18 Do you think number 11 is beautiful?
~ ya ya~ i do! :)
19 Where is number 9?
~ Kuching sarawak.
20 When is the last time you see number 2?
~ oh my.. almost two years..

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  1. terkenang kembali teman2 dulu..huhu

  2. byk kan kenangan kita.. sgt rindu itu semua T____T