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Sunday, April 13, 2008 posted at 17:48 ♥

banyak giler dak Hyuuga tu tag aku. gile tag dah die. huu.. aku la antara mangsanye. duh duh..

nak kene wat list ni. ni antara senarai tag yang aku dapat..

i've tagged about,

  1. gambar2 transformasi dari dulu dan kini (tagged by hyuuga)
  2. 7 things about me (aku la tu.. tag dari Ann)
  3. barang2 wajib kat UUM(tagged by Hyuuga)
  4. pakaian paling kacak/lawa kat kelas (tagged by Hyuuga)

tu dia. aku diserang bertubi2. sume aku belum jawap lagi. encik Hyuuga yang sengallllllll... huahuahua.. tp takpe. esok i rajin i jawap la eyh cuz i dun really in the mood of answering rite now.

but hey, i still do excited about this tagging thing. dun stop tagging me. but, plez give me a break sometimes okay Mr Hyuuga? winks.



Anonymous GPS said...

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23 April, 2008 12:18  
Anonymous Fina said...

a HUG too.
weeeekekek.. gatalnya aku.

27 May, 2009 04:27  

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