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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 posted at 12:50 ♥

Urghh.. sakit kepala ku yang berbentuk denyut-denyutan (tatabahasa tunggang terbalik!) seringkali menyerang. stress! Minggu ini antara minggu tersibuk. Dengan assignment, mid-term exam dan lain2. Ungkapan yang begitu klise dari seorang student universiti tapi berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul. And I’m looking forward for this Friday night. Despite those hectic life, we still have to entertain ourselves, agree? [wink wink! Hee..]

Ok here’s the story. Someone from my friendster’s friend list messaged me 2-3 days ago using friendster asking for my phone number for something urgent. And why i’m so easy giving out my number this time, that i can’t explain. Maybe cuz he’s also sabahan and i do know him for i used to have some chat with him on fs last year?

I was just starting to forget about it when the next morning, he called me. After introducED himself (which i appreciate so much ~ i hate people playing kind of riddle on me), he invited me to be his partner for a dinner. I was just like.. 'huh? He’s somewhat crazy or what?' (if u’re reading this, sorry Mr Ralph. Of coz u’re NOT. Hee)

As i know he’s dialing the right number, i gave him chance to explain just what he have to. From what he told me, that function is kinda fun, but it’s not that all to judge. I could take the risk meeting someone i haven’t meet before, but only after i was satisfied and sure with his seriousness, his sincerity, his arrangements, my safety, and all things in particular. Cuz if he didn’t reach the level, then the first word come into my mind would be ‘NO’.

I’m not going to tell u anymore details until i get back from there soon..

i got this pic from his fs.. entitled 'back to 60's'. as i remembered, he'd never change this primary pic since the first time i know him~ guess that he loves this pic so i put it here.. (or he was just doesnt really into changing primary pic once he had choose one?)..

I met couple of my friends from my ex-course when i’m on the way from the Square to Lego to take my brunch. I smile to them, actually to one of them.. which used to be my.. kinda special one.

‘hey.. lama tidak nampak, pegi mana?’ tanyaku berbasa basi. My ex berjalan terus jauh ke hadapan as if there’s no one there saying ‘hi’ to them. Huh, not even a reply with those hell strange look? He’s acting like such an egoistic. Why on the earth i had ever fallen for that kind of man? After all, guess that we could start all over as friends but after this incident, there’s no way giving those chances. its not the way he ignoring me that hurts. Its the way he treat me like i’d never touched his life. That we’ve never know each other deeply. That he disrespect me. Oh.. why did i ask for his respect. he doesn’t even know how to respect girls.

Well.. i guess he’s the only ex that i ‘can’t get along again’ (read: HATE) after we’re broke up. Yea, falling to me is kinda easy, but to make it last, most of them giving up easily. I’m getting used to it.

waktu ke PKU dulu, aku tertarik dengan ayat yang aku jumpa ini :

Ingat kesalahan kita pada orang,
Lupakan kesalahan orang pada kita,
Ingat kebaikan orang pada kita,
Lupa kebaikan kita pada orang.

Ayat tersebut tertera besar di dinding kaunter PKU. Nampak ringkas tapi punya simbolik mendalam lagi mudah difahami.. mudahkah menunaikan?

I need to watch a film. That was published around 2007-2008. Malay one. For my assignment.
Well actually i already got one in my mind.. filem CINTA. That film had touched me deeply. Oh and also filem MUKHSIN. But i dont have those CDs. I’ll see what i can do about it.

Oh iya.. aku ketemu dengan encik Hyuuga rabu lalu waktu ada sesi diskusi dengan seorang teman d foyer library. Around 11am. We talked just a while, he says he kinda busy now.. but what i see is he really got many free time. Hehe.. maybe cuz he looked like waiting for someone but when i asked him about that he deny it. Oh.. and he will be taking the same mid-term paper this night (which ends just now- i just came back from the examination hall). Boleh la jawap.. its multiply choice question, and all the maths formulas are already given.

Kenapa speaking sgt ni? Ini semua sebab encik Ralph la. I spent my two days texting him almost fully in english. And my electronic dictionary is always there for me. uhuk uhuk.

gotta go. Its rainy n cloudy today. Feel dizzy again..



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