going to tawau - 0ff for 6 days

June 14, 2007


hmm.. i'm going to Tawau. it'll take about 8 hours from here, Ranau. what a long day.. hehe.. oya, i'll gonna be there for 5 nights and 6 days. tu pun kalo takda aral melintang.. and, i dunno if i'll have the opportunity to post even a little something in this blog when i'm there cuz, ya.. i go there by purpose. got some program to be done there..

but sure i'm bringing my laptop. mybe. ;p

arghh.. my camera! tak bleh gak amik skrg even asrama dia kat daerah ranau gak cuz dia sndiri ada program perkhemahan yang dianjurkan oleh sklh dia. i'd promise to lend him my camera. hm, actually i've planned to cancel my trip/program at Tawau but.. by this morning i feel like such a waste la pulak kalo tdk pigi. psst.. my dad have 1 sony camera worth +RM1500, two nokia hp brand with camera.. 1 worth +RM1000, and the other 1 +RM1500. but.. tak berani pnjam.. ya, actually, sy pernah pnjam kamera sony tu, n tak sengaja rosakkan. it took 1 sem for me to see that camera is usable again. wawawa.. i'm so sory dad.. huhu.. well, we'll see if i can manage to borrow 1 of it.. kikiki...

ops.. i have to go take my bath now. by noon, i have to be ready. Amoy will come there with me,.. dia tu org tawau sbnrnya. nti smpai sana bermalam je kat rumah dia. kallau dia takde, huh... jgn harap family aku bg aku p sana. gtg..

doakan aku slmt pergi dan kembali.. thanx. :)

Papai & Salam.

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