AbSoLuTa SiemPre

January 24, 2007

"I like his spirit. I like the way he try to tell his story, the way he makes jokes. even most of the time i find it is just because he wants to get the attention. he’s likeable. but i guess, we have to be careful with likeable person. One thing for sure, this could not be love. However, now he’s gone. Don’t know how that special feeling (not love) could leave without a trace."

Haha.. i always say things like this.. sort of. Well, i used to admire so much people for so much reason. But usually, it is temporarily. When time passes, people come and go, things change.

But know who i admire the most in this world? Esta mie familia.

i admire my dad regarding to the great love and the deadful sacrifices he gave away for his family.. incondisional mente. he’s so thoughtful.. and i do LOVE him s0o0o0o much i can ever describe. Oh well. Crying a bit. Yea.. i just remembered every lil’ thing i do that cause his heart to break.

I LOVE my mom too.. for many reason. But one another thing that make me admire her is that she always supporting over me even sometimes it doesn’t go that way. Talk about few years ago, there’s one hard and long moment when i really hating and blaming her for what and who i am. It was really a hard time for me, u guys. Such hurdle for that little girl that i used to be. But i’m so grateful that i’ve been through it all before. Now, she is not just my mom, she’s my close friend ~whom i can talk whatever with. Sure, in love she’s the most luckiest woman i managed to remember. Long hair, nice body (before she get married n having babies), got married with her first love, live happily with cute children ( :p) with business growing strong each day.. now she only could ask for people stop jealousing on her. If any. Haha.. kidding.

and i do admire every close people around me.. for different reason in certain parts ~which i wish i could mention the reasons here.

But still i can’t find ways to tell them how dearly i love them.

"Sometimes, person we love the most turns to be the hardest person for us to love"

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