Happy Belated Birthday To Me! [1st Dec.]

December 12, 2006


it's been long since i dun update my frensta..


to see the '20' on the top side of my profile, i feel extremely excited. finally i'm 20!

~ thanks 4 that birthday greet guys!!

i'm sorry.. wat mase ni nak stop jap berfriendster.. nak betul2 nikmati cuti.

cuti dr segalanya.

u guys know wut i have been through lately ait. i need time.. and now i'm taking my time.

aku dlm proses bina semangat baru.. aku mahu, balik kampus nanti, segalanya seperti sediakala. no more crying baby. no more termenung sana termenung sini.

well.. just passing by here to tell u guys.. risau nanti ade yang tercari2.

pd teman2 baru yang baru add, thanks.

gotta go. thanks for taking time viewing my blog.


will be back.

miss u all!


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